Thursday, November 02, 2017

Why it is important to find the right material and color for you when choosing lingerie

When choosing new lingerie, the process can be a little daunting. Of course, everyone wants something with a sexy edge but that often means comfort and practicality can go out the window.

Say hello to microfiber, often used in sportswear products, microfiber is now being harnessed in lingerie, offering additional support, fashionable style and most importantly, undeniable sex appeal. Confidence is key when choosing lingerie and microfiber simply defines comfort-meets-sexy, offering a breathable and secure fit, without compromising on your look.

For those who prefer less structure than microfiber has to offer, opt for soft cup, lined or panelled pieces, which skim your wonderful curves to create an incredible silhouette, without the need for underwire or hook closures.

With comfort well and truly met, next comes color and style. Become inspired by the festive season with emerald greens and deep red lingerie. These primary and bold colours undoubtedly define holiday fun and frolics.


Of course, there is always the option for traditional black, brought to life with lace decal, satin panels, and metallic prints, proving both slimming and pretty on those evening darken. Teasing with new designs can also pay off, try something new and opt for dramatic lace, cap sleeves, high necklines, harnesses or seductive open backs to ensure your body confidence soars - we are looking to have some fun after all.

You may even be tempted with some unique embellishment to jazz up your fall or winter lingerie collection. Think metallic chains, grommet straps, and maxi wrap skirts to ensure a special festive or New Year treat.

With adjustable lingerie, you are on to a winner regardless of the style you choose, so secure those straps, chokers or bows, ladies. The best bit? All of these new colors and designs are also available in plus size, ensuring a snug and seductive fit for all - there will be a smile on every girl and guys face.  

If you need help choosing your new lingerie for the holiday season or New Year, why not contact us here for a little bit of expert advice.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Want to be a power woman this Halloween? Here’s how to show you’re made of tough stuff

We like strong and empowered women here at Musotica and one thing we love more than anything is a woman showing her confidence and fierce side – let’s face it, who doesn’t?

That is why this Halloween, we have been inspired to embrace our inner bad-ass. We have been been inspired by the Greeks, the Vikings and the Romans.

Think cosplay with an even wilder side and channel your inner Goddesses, warrior Princesses and superheroes – and even a few sexy mythical baddies.

Female power is back in force and it is time to emulate the toughest girls in history and fiction, drawing inspiration from the likes of Xena, Wonder Woman, fantasy legends and Viking warriors.

So, how do you show off your tough side like all these power girls before you? Well, you need to embrace bold accessories, sky high boots and even bigger hair - it is time to backcomb like it is the 80s, girls!

Team your accessories and fabulous hair with a fierce attitude and bright red lipstick, before slinking into an outfit adorned with sumptuous materials. You are then set to party hard with the best of them at your next Halloween party or convention.


Whether you want to play the good girl or vixenous villain, confidence is key. Think sultry latex, flirty faux fur and seductive velvet figure-hugging outfits.  

Complete your power woman outfit with a selection of key accessories, what is a strong woman without embellishment? Team your sexy outfit with hats, costume jewellery pieces, capes, boot covers and a host of (faux) weaponry.   

If you want some more inspiration on your next power woman outfit, feel free to contact us here. We are always happy to help you find the perfect sexy Halloween or cosplay number, ensuring you will be the toughest chick on the block.