Saturday, November 25, 2017

How to dress to impress with colorful and pretty lingerie for the Holidays

Are you looking to add some festive magic to your lingerie collection this Holiday season?
You decorate the tree to the nines each year, so why not treat yourself this Christmas? Oh, and you certainly do not have to stick to the traditional festive palette of bright reds and emerald greens either, now is the time to go truly wild with color.
With party season well and truly approaching, enhance your nightwear with a rainbow of colors and throw in some blue, peach, black and metallic items into the mix.
You can jazz up your collection further with clever embellishment, think pretty appliqué detail, golden chain features, slimming faux leather panels, curve-enhancing cut-outs, seductive-yet-cute tulle bows or nod to the raunchy world of BDSM and get creative with chest harnesses and strappy designs.

Wearing different linings offers a sultry and glamorous twist also, with luxurious lace hems, dramatic eyelash lace and wide satin proving popular additions in the winter months. You could even lounge around in a teasing robe or maxi skirt cover up beforehand.
Structured and pretty lingerie obviously has its uses in the boudoir on these frosty nights, that is a given. It is evident that well-fitting items prove to not only offer fantastic support but work perfectly to slim and skim your curves under a little black dress this party season - you want to look your best after all.
If you want to have some additional fun, festive-themed costumes are also a cheeky option with seductive Mrs Claus, naughty Santa’s little helper, the nutcracker and elf-esque holidays costumes proving a flirty and quirky alternative - time to make those Christmas wishes come true.
Unwrap something truly special and romantic this Holiday season and have yourself a very merry Christmas by slinking into a sexy and fabulous festive number.
Need some hints or tips on what to gift yourself or a loved one this Holiday season? Why not get in contact and pop us across a message here.

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Why it is important to find the right material and color for you when choosing lingerie

When choosing new lingerie, the process can be a little daunting. Of course, everyone wants something with a sexy edge but that often means comfort and practicality can go out the window.

Say hello to microfiber, often used in sportswear products, microfiber is now being harnessed in lingerie, offering additional support, fashionable style and most importantly, undeniable sex appeal. Confidence is key when choosing lingerie and microfiber simply defines comfort-meets-sexy, offering a breathable and secure fit, without compromising on your look.

For those who prefer less structure than microfiber has to offer, opt for soft cup, lined or panelled pieces, which skim your wonderful curves to create an incredible silhouette, without the need for underwire or hook closures.

With comfort well and truly met, next comes color and style. Become inspired by the festive season with emerald greens and deep red lingerie. These primary and bold colours undoubtedly define holiday fun and frolics.


Of course, there is always the option for traditional black, brought to life with lace decal, satin panels, and metallic prints, proving both slimming and pretty on those evening darken. Teasing with new designs can also pay off, try something new and opt for dramatic lace, cap sleeves, high necklines, harnesses or seductive open backs to ensure your body confidence soars - we are looking to have some fun after all.

You may even be tempted with some unique embellishment to jazz up your fall or winter lingerie collection. Think metallic chains, grommet straps, and maxi wrap skirts to ensure a special festive or New Year treat.

With adjustable lingerie, you are on to a winner regardless of the style you choose, so secure those straps, chokers or bows, ladies. The best bit? All of these new colors and designs are also available in plus size, ensuring a snug and seductive fit for all - there will be a smile on every girl and guys face.  

If you need help choosing your new lingerie for the holiday season or New Year, why not contact us here for a little bit of expert advice.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Want to be a power woman this Halloween? Here’s how to show you’re made of tough stuff

We like strong and empowered women here at Musotica and one thing we love more than anything is a woman showing her confidence and fierce side – let’s face it, who doesn’t?

That is why this Halloween, we have been inspired to embrace our inner bad-ass. We have been been inspired by the Greeks, the Vikings and the Romans.

Think cosplay with an even wilder side and channel your inner Goddesses, warrior Princesses and superheroes – and even a few sexy mythical baddies.

Female power is back in force and it is time to emulate the toughest girls in history and fiction, drawing inspiration from the likes of Xena, Wonder Woman, fantasy legends and Viking warriors.

So, how do you show off your tough side like all these power girls before you? Well, you need to embrace bold accessories, sky high boots and even bigger hair - it is time to backcomb like it is the 80s, girls!

Team your accessories and fabulous hair with a fierce attitude and bright red lipstick, before slinking into an outfit adorned with sumptuous materials. You are then set to party hard with the best of them at your next Halloween party or convention.


Whether you want to play the good girl or vixenous villain, confidence is key. Think sultry latex, flirty faux fur and seductive velvet figure-hugging outfits.  

Complete your power woman outfit with a selection of key accessories, what is a strong woman without embellishment? Team your sexy outfit with hats, costume jewellery pieces, capes, boot covers and a host of (faux) weaponry.   

If you want some more inspiration on your next power woman outfit, feel free to contact us here. We are always happy to help you find the perfect sexy Halloween or cosplay number, ensuring you will be the toughest chick on the block.



Friday, August 18, 2017

90’s kids rejoice - your next Halloween outfit has had a pop-culture and cosplay makeover

The nineties were a time for revolutionary fashion, bringing bright color, wacky prints and eccentric outfits to the forefront. Here at Musotica, we are bringing the nineties back with our collection of pop-culture and cosplay inspired outfits this Halloween.

Pop-culture and cosplay go hand-in-hand, with influences ranging from the swinging sixties to modern day. Ask anyone you know and they will tell you all about their favorite television icons, magazine centerfolds, superheroes, princesses, fairy tale icons or mythical legends.
The best thing about cosplay? You can be whoever you want, whenever you want. Cosplay has truly evolved in the last decade and it seems that everyone is taking part in becoming their favorite pop-culture icon.
Be part of the scene and grace your next convention, event or party in an uber sexy and realistic cosplay piece. Not only is cosplay inclusive and confidence boosting, it is a hell of a lot of fun – and not limited to Halloween either!
Our top cosplay pick? Well, it is time to rival Cher from Clueless and embrace your inner Beverly Hills school girl, slip into a fantastic plaid yellow blazer, vest and skirt combination for a chic 90s look - team with some heels for even more sultry appeal.
For those who really like to play someone else (and who doesn’t from time to time?) you may choose to emulate your favorite DC Comics or Marvel superhero, your number one Game of Thrones character, a villainous Greek God or Goddess or even your most cherished Disney princess.
Whoever you choose to be, cosplaying is sure to drive you wild and bring you back youthful memories. You can literally draw inspiration from anywhere. Just take a moment to think of your favorite character and get creative!
Once decided, complete your winning look and team your all-eyes-on-you cosplay with a host of accessories including wigs, hats, wings and boot covers.
Us girls and guys at Musotica believe the perfect finish to a fantastic outfit is simply a dazzling smile and sky high boots, then you are good to dance the day and night away. You could even elaborate your look further and truly show off with dramatic makeup to truly impress and win over the crowd.
If you are feeling a little more conservative, we are here to treat not trick with a host of traditional Halloween outfits alternatives. Think angels and devils, a sultry vampire, swashbuckling pirate or a go-to cowboy and Indian outfit.
If you want some more cosplay hints and tips, feel free to contact us here. We are always happy to help you find the perfect sexy Halloween number. Who do you dare to be today?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Here’s every reason why maxi dresses with high slits are a summer staple

Who doesn’t love the effortless style of a maxi dress? It is simple, long dresses are just the perfect attire for any event - be it a day at the beach, a glittering night time soiree or a night at the hottest club in town.
Lets face it, maxi dresses are the hottest summer staple and their versatility is their most attractive feature. Not only do they elongate and compliment your frame as they sway along the floor but you can dress them up and down to suit your mood, both comfortable and stunning.
Go daring and opt for a slinky maxi dress with dramatic slits. Our personal favourites include front slits and ridiculously attractive thigh high pieces, just perfect for showing off your incredible figure and envious legs.
Choose a block color maxi with minimalist vibes and team with bold accessories and killer heels to really get hearts racing, think plunging necklines, eyelash lace detailing and sultry slits for a truly winning combination.
Maxi dresses are undeniably perfect for all occasions. They can be layered for a more demure look, cinched with an embellished belt to highlight your incredible curves or worn as a statement-making standalone piece.
Style it your way and play with different prints, materials, and textures. Opt for plunging necklines, sexy cut-outs, sequin embellishment and delicate lace detailing to really make your outfit pop.
A quick change of accessories and you have your number one outfit to transition to during the day to night. Use as a cover up or to lunch with friends during the day with flats and dazzle as dusk comes round as you slip into your best heels and smile.
Whether you’re a glam fashionista, boho fanatic, street-chic extraordinaire, glitzy black-tie event sort of girl or guy or a clubbing wild child, a long maxi dress is ideal for you.
You can even save your long dress for the cooler months, brandishing it with platform boots and a dash of your most vibrant red lipstick for the festive season - just imagine how incredible this seductive long sleeved velvet number would look.
For more maxi dress inspiration, take a look at our spectacular collection here. For tips and advice on how to rock your new dress, why not give us an email on our contact page?

Monday, July 03, 2017

The reasons why sheer lingerie and catsuits are the new summer outfit staple

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There is no doubt that adding a bit of sheer panelling or embellishment to an outfit automatically brings sex appeal to any look. However, it is time to take it to the next level and let sheer dominate your wardrobe.
Sheer is the hottest trend this summer, with teams of stylists and celebrities creating and rocking daring sheer looks across the most famed catwalks and exclusive clubs in the US. But where do you start when choosing your stunning sheer items and what exactly do you team them with? 
Musotica has you covered, with our selection of sheer catsuits, jumpsuits, tops, rompers and dresses, not to mention a whole host of cheeky accessories, lingerie and incredible plus size options - you will be utterly spoilt for choice.
Sheer lingerie has made an appearance in everyday wear lately. Take Mel B as an example, endlessly highlighting killer sheer looks in her America’s Got Talent appearances. Showing off a host of effortlessly sexy and oh so chic looks.
Model Sarah Stage, also wows the crowd in Musotica’s own seductive sheer glitter mesh jumpsuit. However, if you are concerned these somewhat transparent looks may be a little bit too risqué, we have a host of flattering bralette’s and bodysuits to be worn beneath.
Want to know one of our personal favorite sheer looks? Team a longline blazer, with a sultry sheer teddy and your favorite jeans. Opt for eyelash lace or a bit of glitz to really stand out for all the right reasons.
Take your favorite sheer lingerie outfit for a spin and team it with street wear this summer - you won’t regret it.
For more of our hottest looks, take a browse around Musotica. If you need some advice on what to choose, why not give us an email at us. We are more than happy to guide you through our fabulous sheer collection.