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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Halloweens Funnest Trend: Sexy Cartoon Costumes

Sarah Wallner, celebrity stylist and Musotica's CEO, has gathered some sexy new Halloween costumes to celebrate the whimsy and playfulness of childhood with cartoon inspired outfits. Wallner says, “Nothing is more sexy and fun than a woman who isn't afraid to show her playful side. Our new cartoon character inspired costumes are perfect for a woman with a love of fun.”

In keeping with the tradition of Sunday morning cartoons is releasing Sylvester the Cat and Tweety Bird Rompers, detailed Mickey Mouse Costumes, and even a Cat in the Hat suit. These among others are sure to bring some extra playfulness to this Halloweens celebration.

Wallner says, “There's nothing we cherish more than our childhood memories. Like eating cheerios and milk on a cold Sunday morning, while watching Loony Tunes. That's a major inspiration for our new Cartoon Inspired Halloween Costumes. They capture that playfulness in such a great way.”

It's not a surprise we've seen celebrity heiress and reality TV star, Paris Hilton, sport her own set of mouse ears before. Cartoon's are something that we've all shared, loved, and now can enjoy on a special night, Halloween, that's why is excited about sharing it's new stock of cartoon inspired costumes!'s CEO knows that it's about more than just having the best costume, it's about celebrating your likes and interests, Wallner says, “We want you to go out on Halloween and have the best time possible. Being sexy, having fun, and celebrating your favorite things is what we're all about.”

This Halloween has brought the play back into the season!

Thursday, September 03, 2015

This season's Trendiest Halloween Costume: Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is arguably one of the best super villains in the comic book universe. She's not only a worthy foe of the Batman and Superman but she is an intelligent and witty character that represents strong women with a high intelligence. The character costume is now featured in Musotica's Halloween Costume section.

Sarah Wallner Celebrity Stylist saw a trend with Poison Ivy's character popping up everywhere. Poison Ivy is being seen in Gotham and as a part of the Batman/Superman universe and we'll be seeing more of her soon with many films in development, Corey Belick of Moviepilot says, "recently it was revealed that Ivy was in a relationship with Harley Quinn, so we could see a team-up with Margot Robbie have Batman go up against a Femme Fatale duo which hasn't been done before."

Wallner, says, “Poison Ivy has to be one of my favorite costumes this year, the fact that she is such a rich color green is fantastic. You can really get creative with your accessories and make up in a Poison Ivy Costume.”

When looking into what makes a costume out of the ordinary Wallner always is on the look out for what will flatter the figure, express a unique style, and tell a story. Wallner says, “Each of our Poison Ivy costumes has an individual personality that can be dressed up to the wearers liking. I looked at form fitting fabrics that expressed not only the character but the person wearing it.”

It's no wondering Reality Star fashion icon, Kim Kardashian, was spotted sporting this seductively sexy character on the red carpet. It's a costume that rocks the red carpet and the party.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Labor Day: Lame or Fabulous, The Choice Is Yours.

Picture this, it's Labor Day weekend, you've had a long flight from LAX to Jamaica. You get off the plane and are escorted to your resort. It's hot, you're tired and you just want to lay by the pool and work on your tan; what do you pull out of your travel bag? Is it a tired old suit you got two years ago or is it something spectacular, resort ready and super sexy? A bikini that won't be forgotten is required.

If you want to make your stay memorable in the 'selfies' you send on snapchat or instagram it's best to be dressed for the occasion. Too many times you'll see your girl-friends vacation photo's coming back and it's the same old palm trees and they are in the same old basic bathing suit. This is your chance! Be more than a basic bathing suit, be sexy and be bold.

            Make your bathing suit metallic with cage                                                    straps. There's no denying a fierce woman with a bold

sense of style. You don't want to be remembered for the place you visiting but for who are. Cage strap bikinis are in this season and stand out and above the crowd.

You'll be on trend and ahead of the crowd. Celebrity stylist and CEO of Musotica, Sarah Wallner, says, 
“Metallic fabric and cage strap design is very hot this season. We've seen Selena Gomez, Michelle Rodriguez, and more wear the cage strap style. Paired with a metallic print, there is no going wrong.”

There you have it from the top: it's time for cage straps that shine in the sun. Your vacation will be marked by your trendy style and bold statement, all the while you relax by the beach.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Actress Candace Smith makes cool, casual and confident statement with crochet, says Hollywood celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner.

Hollywood, CA -- The crochet craze, which began quietly in 2011 when Marie Clair Magazine published a few colorful crochet offerings from, has exploded onto the Hollywood fashion scene and shows no signs of cooling off this summer, according to top celebrity stylist and fashion designer Sarah Wallner.

“Crochet has caught on among celebrities, models and really any who wants to add sizzle and style to their look,” said Wallner, founder of Musotica, a ‘go to’ website for crochet swimsuits, bikinis, dresses, tops, and cover ups.  “For example, Candace Smith (actress, producer, comedian and model) is currently featured in and Sports Illustrated ‘Extra Mustard’ wearing our latest crochet swimwear.”

For Smith, who appeared in last year’s hit cop thriller “End of Watch,” and will soon be seen in the highly anticipated independent release "Gimme Shelter,” crochet fashions are a celebration of color, texture, flexibility, self-expression and pure fun.  

“I love crochet, and specifically the Musotica line for a number of reasons,” said Smith, who also appeared in the top rated TV show, “Entourage.”  “Their offerings are not only sexy, but they are also unique and add sophistication to swimwear like I have never seen before.  Whether I’m at the beach or in a photo spread, the first comment I get is about the crochet swimwear and wear I got it… and that speaks volumes!”

Smith, who was a practicing attorney before being crowned Miss Ohio USA and ultimately entering show business, believes that crochet designs & fashions give women a much needed break form work-a-day clothes, and make any outing feel like a vacation – even if it’s just window shopping at the mall.

“When you’re wearing crochet selections, you feel like you are wearing a one-of-a kind suit made just for you – and that you have been transported to somewhere exotic and glamorous.  This is no doubt why they are so special,” she added.  

Wallner, who started designing her own crochet collection because she couldn’t find what she wanted for her celebrity client styling assignments, believes the sustainability of crochet has everything to do with form finally catching up to function.

“At last, women can wear a crochet bikini at the beach or pool and actually swim in them without having to worry about wardrobe malfunctions,” she laughed.  “They are easy-to-care-for and feature new fabrics and vibrant colors designed for active lifestyles – from swimsuits to cute crochet tops ideal for a casual Saturday afternoon lunch.”

Wallner also believes that women are attracted to crochet fashion because of the limitless possibilities.

“They’re extremely versatile,” said the Italian born stylist, who also styles covers for Playboy and Fitness Rx Magazine.  “They can be worn as lingerie, beneath jackets, with jeans, as cover-ups, dresses, skirts, shorts … the list goes on and on!  As my Hollywood clients and customers are quickly discovering, adding crochet is fantastic way to give any outfit color, texture and flair.”

According to Wallner, her classically inspired crochet swimsuits come in a huge array of colors, styles – almost all with strategically flattering cutouts. “Today’s hand-made, intricate detail and ease of care has made our crochet lineup among our top sellers.”

Wallner’s collection is made of a cotton, nylon blend, and can be ordered in a growing number of colors, including black, white, off white, mustard yellow, yellow, coral, brown, baby blue, baby pink, and purple.

For free information about the latest in crochet fashions, including new lingerie arrivals, suede luxury swimwear and classy, sassy clubwear, go to

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Yolanda Foster spotted putting the chic into swimwear with crochet fashions from

Los Angeles, CA – Former model Yolanda Foster, a featured personality of Housewives of Beverly Hills, recently proved that classy remains sexy as ever when she was featured in wearing a one-piece crochet swimsuit from poolside in Las Vegas.  

According to popular Hollywood stylist and fashion designer Sarah Wallner  (credited with the surging popularity of crochet fashions and swimsuits), the Foster photo was the latest in a long list of celebrities turning to crochet to add color, added “pop” and flexibility to their wardrobes.

“Crochet swimwear has an endless number of amazing fashion applications,” said the Italian born stylist, who also styles covers for Playboy and Fitness Rx Magazine.  “They can be worn as lingerie, beneath jackets, with jeans, as cover-ups, dresses, skirts, and shorts.    As my Hollywood clients and customers have already discovered, adding crochet is a fantastic way to give any outfit extra personality, color, texture and flair.” has become a popular Hollywood destination website, partly due to its large selection of crochet designs.  “The swimsuits in particular have become extremely popular with everybody from actors and models… to soccer moms and any women interested in adding creativity, texture and sexiness to any outfit.”

Wallner started the resurgence in crochet when she discovered there weren’t any suitable crochet clothing (a fashion relic of the sixties) on the market – so she set out to create her own lineup of new and improved crochet fashions for her high profile celebrity clients.  “They are sexy, figure flattering, stylish and extremely easy to maintain these days,” she says.  “Best of all, they are just as eye-appealing during the winter as they in the summer.”

Wallner says there’s a reason so many Hollywood stars and celebrities are being photographed wearing’s crochet selections – they are extremely photogenic.

“Once a client starts experimenting with crochet fashions – she wants to own them all,” she said.  “The good news is they are very economical… so you don’t have to be a movie star or model to incorporate them into your fashion style.”

Wallner says the celebrity website summed it up best when talking about Yolanda Foster’s usage of’s crochet fashions.  “Keeping it classy poolside in Vegas can be a challenge, but Yolanda Foster has poolside chic down pat.  She doesn’t wear a bikini by the pool; that could be too sexy.  She doesn’t wear a traditional one-piece by the pool; that could be too boring.  She wears the perfect, white crochet one-piece from with a great casual look.  Call it a day and copy her exact look, because this sense of style doesn’t come along too often.”

According to Wallner, Musotica’s crochet collection is made of a cotton/nylon blend, and can be ordered in a growing number of colors, including black, white, off-white, mustard yellow, yellow, coral, brown, baby blue, baby pink, purple – and many other colors.  Our lineup of crochet fashions features new fabrics and vibrant colors designed for the active Southern California lifestyle – from swimming… to a night out on the town.” 
For more information about their crochet fashion collection, go to

Friday, June 29, 2012

Parade of crochet summer fashions, ushered in by last year, continues to sizzle with latest LeAnn Rimes sightings in coral bikini.

Parade of crochet summer fashions, ushered in by last year, continues to sizzle with latest LeAnn Rimes sightings in coral bikini.

Los Angeles, CA – Multiple Grammy Award winner Leann Rimes is the latest in a growing number of top singers, actors and models flaunting figure-flattering crochet fashions this summer.  What began as an occasional photo of an actress or model wearing crochet fashions at a Hollywood party, or on a Malibu Beach, has turned into a full-scale style revival, according to Sarah Wallner, founder of

Wallner is credited by many fashion industry observers with playing a large part in reigniting the crochet movement when Marie Claire featured her classically inspired, yet versatile collection of crochet swimwear in a special magazine insert.  One of Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrity stylists, Wallner believes it was just a matter of time before crochet caught on for good after the fashion fad faded in the seventies. 

“Crochet has certainly come of age and is looking smarter and sexier than ever,” said Wallner, who believes women from all walks of life have the right to dress like celebrities, without having to overpay for Hollywood A-list apparel.  “Today’s crochet fashions don’t only look amazing as swimwear in and out of the water – they can be worn as cover-ups with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts – you name it.”

The Italian-born fashion expert is particularly proud to point out that the same style that country artist LeAnn Rimes was recently photographed wearing – a coral bikini – will also be featured in the June 25th issue of In Touch Magazine. 

Wallner believes that the heightened attention coming from such superstar celebrities as Leann Rimes donning crochet fashions from Musotica’s website is not only good for her online business… but for women in general. 
“There’s no question that crochet fashions are here to stay, because they’re perfect for any woman who wants to add a splash of color, pizazz, sexiness and style to their wardrobe,” she said.  “I design my website’s lineup of crochet wear in easy-to-maintain cotton and nylon blends.  And as for colors, well… the rainbow is literally the limit.  We feature colors from black, white, off white, gold and mustard yellow to coral, brown, baby blue, baby pink and purple.”

For more information about what’s hot in crochet fashions this summer, including the latest swimwear, dresses and tops, go to or email us at

Friday, January 21, 2011

Kourtney Kardashian Sports a Yellow Crochet Bikini From

When OK Magazine asked Kourtney Kardashian, photographed for the January Cover Story wearing a yellow crochet bikini from, exactly how she selects the perfect bikini, she responded, “I go for style because I’m all about fashion.”

That comes as no surprise to sought-after celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner, who correctly predicted the comeback of crochet fashions several years ago, and began designing new additions for her collection accordingly.

“The old seventies crochet bikinis looked good on the beach, but when they got wet, all bets were off – not to mention more than a few tops,” said Wallner, founder of “I’m proud to say that we’ve helped bring crochet swimwear dining, dancing and swimming into the 21st century – and women are snapping them up as quickly as I can post new styles and colors on my website.”

Wallner, who divides her time between styling for top Hollywood stars and running, a destination for sexy lingerie, swim and fitness wear, says that women appreciate the endless possibilities that crochet fashions provide.

“They are extremely versatile,” said the Italian born stylist, who also designs many of the fashions for her site. “They can be worn as lingerie, beneath jackets, with jeans, as cover-ups, dresses, skirts, shorts … you name it! As my Hollywood clients and customers are quickly discovering, adding crochet is fantastic way to give any outfit extra personality, texture and flare.”

Hollywood notables from Paris Hilton to Kourtney and Misha Barton – all have been photographed wearing their Musotica crochet fashions at high profile Red Carpet events, for magazine covers or casually strolling down Rodeo Avenue.

According to Wallner, who is often called upon to style cover shots for Playboy and Fitness Magazines, her classically inspired crochet swimsuits come in a huge array of colors, styles – and almost all with strategically flattering cutouts.

“Hand-made, intricate detail and ease of care has made our crochet products more popular than I ever dreamed,” she said. “I actually added them because I couldn’t find what I needed for the stars I was styling.

The crochet collection is made of a cotton, nylon blend, and can be ordered a growing number of colors, including black, white, off white, mustard yellow, yellow, coral, brown, baby blue, baby pink, and purple. “Above all, they are sexy, figure flattering, stylish and just plain fun to wear,” she added.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Playmate Ashley Hobbs On The Beach In a Yellow Sweet Cheeks Glamour Bikini

December playmate Ashley Hobbs was shot on the beach of southern California wearing a vintage retro bikini by Celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner designed the 50’s style bikini. Ms. December loved how the Sweet Cheek bikini enhanced her curves just in time for the holidays.

Musotica is bringing back the days of vintage with its glamour and sweet cheek bikini’s. Not only are celebrities but also the occasional beach goers are snatching up the beautifully designed bikinis. Musotica is bringing back the true American bikini design. The beaches will soon look like a scene from the 50’s, which is good since the pin up bikini never goes out of style.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste Rocks Musotica on TMZ

The UFC's most recognized ring girl Arianny Celeste was spotted by TMZ strolling the Malibu beaches wearing a highly sought after two piece stripped crochet bikini. After her recent photo shoot also styled by celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner, Arianny wanted to show off her body a little more. The crochet bikini by was just what the fighting beauty was looking for. is producing more photo op worthy bikinis for all of Hollywood's and the sports industries most beautiful celebrities. The crochet bikini is a one of a kind bikini that will show off the best parts off anyone strolling the many Social beaches.
Arianny Celeste loves how the crochet bikinis show off all the right parts of her body that she works so hard at maintaining. And the locals at the Malibu beach weren't complaining a bit. makes it another great weekend for another of the sports industries beauties.

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Friday, June 04, 2010

Shauna Sand in a Musotica Crochet Dress the night before joining Dr Drew's Celebrity Rehab

Shauna sand is getting her fix of the nightlife partying into the wee hours of the night in a Musotica Crochet dress, just days before entering Dr. Drew's 'Celebrity Rehab'. TMZ filmed her on June 04, 2010 exciting The Geisha House, a celebrity hot spot in Hollywood, wearing a daring sheer Musotica crochet dress.
Shauna Sand -- the 38-year-old ex-wife of reality retired Lorenzo Lamas -- has signed on to participate in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew's fourth season.

Watch the TMZ video now!

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