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Friday, June 29, 2012

Parade of crochet summer fashions, ushered in by last year, continues to sizzle with latest LeAnn Rimes sightings in coral bikini.

Parade of crochet summer fashions, ushered in by last year, continues to sizzle with latest LeAnn Rimes sightings in coral bikini.

Los Angeles, CA – Multiple Grammy Award winner Leann Rimes is the latest in a growing number of top singers, actors and models flaunting figure-flattering crochet fashions this summer.  What began as an occasional photo of an actress or model wearing crochet fashions at a Hollywood party, or on a Malibu Beach, has turned into a full-scale style revival, according to Sarah Wallner, founder of

Wallner is credited by many fashion industry observers with playing a large part in reigniting the crochet movement when Marie Claire featured her classically inspired, yet versatile collection of crochet swimwear in a special magazine insert.  One of Hollywood’s most sought-after celebrity stylists, Wallner believes it was just a matter of time before crochet caught on for good after the fashion fad faded in the seventies. 

“Crochet has certainly come of age and is looking smarter and sexier than ever,” said Wallner, who believes women from all walks of life have the right to dress like celebrities, without having to overpay for Hollywood A-list apparel.  “Today’s crochet fashions don’t only look amazing as swimwear in and out of the water – they can be worn as cover-ups with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts – you name it.”

The Italian-born fashion expert is particularly proud to point out that the same style that country artist LeAnn Rimes was recently photographed wearing – a coral bikini – will also be featured in the June 25th issue of In Touch Magazine. 

Wallner believes that the heightened attention coming from such superstar celebrities as Leann Rimes donning crochet fashions from Musotica’s website is not only good for her online business… but for women in general. 
“There’s no question that crochet fashions are here to stay, because they’re perfect for any woman who wants to add a splash of color, pizazz, sexiness and style to their wardrobe,” she said.  “I design my website’s lineup of crochet wear in easy-to-maintain cotton and nylon blends.  And as for colors, well… the rainbow is literally the limit.  We feature colors from black, white, off white, gold and mustard yellow to coral, brown, baby blue, baby pink and purple.”

For more information about what’s hot in crochet fashions this summer, including the latest swimwear, dresses and tops, go to or email us at

Monday, July 25, 2011

Splash the Day Away at Drai’s

Splash the Day Away at Drai’s Hollywood Pool Party &!

Hollywood, California – Knit one, purl two, party three! No, you won’t find any knitting or crochet classes going on at Hollywood’s hottest weekly pool party, the Friend's With Benefits Pool Day-Time Event, presented by Susan Blackmon’s The Flawless Life at Drai’s, Thursday, July 28. What you will find high atop the W Hotel is a stunning collection of sexy crochet swimwear on display from, and casually modeled by the high-octane dance group, Purrfect Angelz, just featured on “America’s Got Talent.”

“When you have Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton and Kourtney Kardashian all being photographed wearing your latest crochet fashions, you’re going to get some attention,” said Sarah Wallner, founder of, a sexy fashion, lingerie and fitness wear destination popular with actors, models and the public. “Our mission is to bring crochet swimwear splashing and dancing into the 21st century – and women are placing orders as quickly as I can post new styles and colors on my website.”

Wallner believes that Drai’s Pool Party, which always attracts an impressive gathering of Hollywood’s “A” list to its 20,000 square-foot mega club, is the ideal venue to show just how far crochet swimwear has come over the last couple of years.
“These are definitely not the crochet swimsuits of decades ago,” says Wallner, whose crochet collection was recently featured in Marie Claire Magazine. “Finally, women can wear a crochet bikini, jump into the pool and never worry about exposing more than they bargained for! Our crochet collection is designed for Southern California active lifestyle – from swimming… to dancing… to a day on the town.”

Wallner, one of Hollywood’s top celebrity and magazine cover stylists, whose work appears regularly in Playboy Magazine and Fitness Rx Magazine, says it’s the versatility of crochet swimwear that continually surprises and delights customers.

“They can be worn as lingerie, beneath jackets, with jeans, as cover-ups, dresses, skirts, shorts … you name it! As my Hollywood clients and customers are quickly discovering, adding crochet is fantastic way to give any outfit extra personality, color, texture and flare.

“Our crochet swimwear is made of a cotton, nylon blend, and can be ordered in 15 vibrant colors, including black, white, off white, mustard yellow, yellow, gold, turquoise, coral, brown, baby blue, baby pink, and purple. Above all, they are sexy, figure flattering, stylish and a blast to wear,” she added.

If you’re interested in seeing’s crochet swimwear splashing it up at Drai’s, while Linkexperiencing the most glamorous pool party in Hollywood, featuring Macy Gray performing, a celebrity guest DJ, complimentary make-up and brow shaping, and a chance to network with Hollywood’s entertainment industry, email for more information.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hollywood Celebrity Stylist Sarah Wallner Brings Sexy Fashion Sense to the Big Screen in “Sucker Punch.”

Los Angeles, CA -- Sarah Wallner, known as the “go to” stylists for “A” List Hollywood actors and models, was recently tapped to bring her talents to the big screen in Zack Snyder’s “Sucker Punch” – a fantasy thriller where contrasting, suggestive costuming played a key supporting role in the movie.

Working with costume designer Michael Wilkinson and team, Wallner was presented with design themes, fabric and trim and asked to somehow make them work… make them fit… make them flattering... and make a tight deadline on budget.

“While this was my first movie, making actors look great for magazine shoots and TV appearances is something I’ve been doing for years,” says Wallner, who is also the founder of –- a website featuring sexy fashions, distinctive club and fitness wear. “It was a pleasure working with true professionals who understood the challenges of styling, and the efforts involved.”

From machine-gun tooting actors wearing provocative “Mary Janes,” black stockings, retro corsets, concept bras, panties and less – “Sucker Punch” provided a provocative canvas for Wallner to utilize everything she’s learned as a Hollywood stylist and magazine cover designer over the years.

“I put my entire staff, including seamstresses and manufacturing facilities to work on the project,” said Wallner, who has also styled magazine covers for Playboy and FitnessRx Magazines. “With a fantasy movie like this, I was given plenty of room to stretch my creativity to capture the costume designers vision – which was great.”

One look at Wallner’s website,, and it’s easy to why she was chosen for this movie project. From sexy to retro… from fantasy to classic… the website embodies many of the fashion elements featured in “Sucker Punch.”

Monday, April 11, 2011

Marie Claire features Musotica's Crochet Bikini!

Hollywood, California – Social and fashion barometer Marie Claire Magazine is the latest indicator that crochet bikinis have made an improbable comeback since they were first introduced in the seventies. At the vanguard of the new crochet bikini movement is, a popular sexy fashion, lingerie and fitness wear destination.

Featured prominently in the April issue of Marie Claire, within the Flirt Catalog insert, crochet bikini sightings are becoming more and more numerous – from the white sand beaches of Santa Monica to Rodeo Drive.

“Finally, women can wear a crochet bikini at the beach or pool and actually swim in them without the fear of sudden exposure,” Wallner said. “Our lineup of crochet bikinis feature new fabrics and vibrant colors designed for the active Southern California lifestyle – from swimming… to Stand Up Paddle Boarding… to a night out on the town.”

Wallner says that women absolutely love the endless options and flirty possibilities that crochet fashions provide.

“They’re extremely versatile,” said the Italian born stylist, who also styles covers for Playboy and Fitness Rx Magazine. “They can be worn as lingerie, beneath jackets, with jeans, as cover-ups, dresses, skirts, shorts … you name it! As my Hollywood clients and customers are quickly discovering, adding crochet is fantastic way to give any outfit extra personality, color, texture and flare.”

According to Wallner, these classically inspired crochet swimsuits come in a huge array of colors, styles – and almost all with strategically flattering cutouts. “Today’s hand-made, intricate detail and ease of care has made our crochet lineup among our top sellers.”

Ironically, Wallner, who also operates a wholesale division for its burgeoning crochet fashions and entire apparel lineup, says she was actually forced into designing her own crochet collection because she couldn’t find anything on the market she liked enough for her famous Hollywood clients.

“Our crochet collection is made of a cotton, nylon blend, and can be ordered in a growing number of colors, including black, white, off white, mustard yellow, yellow, coral, brown, baby blue, baby pink, and purple.

“Above all, they are sexy, figure flattering, stylish and a blast to wear,” she added. “I’m very proud that Marie Claire and the Flirt Catalog thought enough of our collection to feature examples in the April issue.”

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sarah Wallner causes hearts to race with denim & lace in latest Playboy spread featuring Playmate Jaclyn Swedberg

Los Angeles, CA - Hot model, hot motorcycle, denim and lace. The only
remaining elements needed for a memorable Playboy Magazine shoot was a
strategic Mulholland Drive Location with city lights shimmering in the
background - which is exactly what Sarah Wallner, popular celebrity stylists
- had to work with for Playboy's April issue.

Wallner, who also styled the stunning "La Dolce Pam" Playboy Magazine Cover
in January featuring Pamela Anderson, was called upon to style April's
"Playmate of the Month," Jaclyn Swedberg for the motorcycle-themed layout.

"No question, we had all of the ingredients for a spectacular shoot," said
Wallner, founder of, a popular sexy fashion, lingerie and
fitness wear destination. "The challenge was combining equal parts Harley
attitude and sizzling femininity through fabric, texture and style to
properly frame Jaclyn's undeniable attributes.

"I chose denim for attitude and lace for femininity," said Wallner, who also
styles Hollywood celebrities for public appearances, TV shows and feature
films. "We styled Jaclyn in long-sleeve lace and denim bra/vest effect with
miles of midriff leading to partially unzipped denim shorts. The easiest
part was adding designer knee high leather boots, which worked beautifully
and only accentuated her long legs."

However, Wallner was quick to point out that you don't have to be top model
or Playboy Playmate to "pull off" an equally feminine, but perhaps less
revealing look this spring.

"My actor clients and website customers are very interested in contrasting
textures to create sexy, yet stylishly inviting outfits," said Wallner,
who's celebrity styling flair is very much a part of
"Sometimes, you have to think outside of your comfort zone by combining
unlikely textures such as denim and lace, as we did for Playboy Magazine.
In other words, anybody can dress with flair of a star."

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Promo Girls -- The Unsung Marketing Heroines of ‘Corporate America.’

Hollywood, California – Whether it’s a camping convention, car dealership grand opening, or the introduction of a new brew at the hottest sports bar in town – Promo Girls play an important role in building brand awareness, generating “good will” and attracting larger crowds wherever they appear.

Sounds glamorous, but these hard-working young women are considered by many to be the unsung marketing heroines of corporate America. Not only must they put in long hours on their feet, they’re also asked to deal diplomatically with all types, including the seriously obnoxious, and never stop smiling. All of this without the benefit of hair, makeup artists, stylists or wardrobe changes.

According to celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner, the key for both the Promo Girl and the organizations hiring them, is making sure they arrive wearing exactly the perfect outfit that best represents a company’s image and brand.

“I can’t tell you how many times, through no fault of their own, the Promo Girl shows up inappropriately dressed,” said Wallner, who styles for numerous top Hollywood actors, models and when called upon, Promo Girls. “And by that I mean, the clothing either isn’t flattering, the colors clash with the company’s color scheme, or the style simply doesn’t fit the event.”

Wallner, who is also the founder of – a website specializing in sexy fashions and ultra-flattering fitness apparel – believes when it comes to properly outfitting a Promo Girl, nothing should be left to chance.

“For example, the colors should compliment a company’s logo, and depending on the venue, clothing shouldn’t be overtly sexy. And in the case of bear companies, you need to even be aware of possible cleavage and skirt length regulations,” said Wallner, who just completed styling the February issue of Playboy Magazine where cleavage isn’t an issue.

For Wallner, who has earned her reputation making Hollywood’s top stars and models look sensational, she says the same can be done for Promo Girls with just a little advance notice by the hiring company.

“Planning ahead makes all of the difference,” she says. “It’s important to provide designers like myself with not only the Promo Girl’s measurements, but also allow enough lead time to for us to make the ideal choice in terms of style, fabric and fit. “If it’s a two-day convention, make sure you order an extra outfit for the event.”

Despite her busy schedule, Wallner says she always has time to help organizations choose, design or style the perfect outfits for their Promo Girls. “It’s a pleasure to help a corporation properly present its Promo Girls at an event. When done correctly, these women can really help a company create a ‘buzz’ about their new products or services.”

Women Wearing More Flattering Fitness Outfits with Advent of Xbox Interactive Exercise on their Flatscreen TV’s

Los Angeles, CA -- The days of exercising in comfy, gray sweatpants on the trusty family room treadmill may be coming to an end. With the advent of Xbox and similar interactive devices, a new era in exercise has dawned, and women of all ages are dressing for the occasion.

“These interactive video games and exercise sessions on your flat screen are fabulous,” said Sarah Wallner, founder of, a website featuring classically stylish lingerie with an emphasis on sexy and ultra-flattering fitness wear. “However, while you’re jumping over objects, throwing punches, doing yoga, practicing palates with your virtual avatar coach – Xbox is snapping action shots by the dozens and saving them to the machines hard drive.”

Wallner says that while women love this new way to exercise from the comfort of home, they’re more conscious than ever about what to wear, since they know pictures are being taken. “And that means ordering sexier-than-ever fitness ware to show off for their husbands or boyfriends,” she added.

“I’ve had customers who literally have never stepped foot in a gym, purchasing my latest fitness wear so they can use it with their Xbox workout routine” said Wallner, who also styles magazine covers for FitnessRx, Playboy and many others. “Many men enjoy watching the women in their life workout, and getting to review images from their Xbox sessions in brilliant HDTV – and now 3D TV – is definitely a way to spice things up.”

Sarah says her website is enjoying a surge in sales from hot pants with matching belts and side stripes… to roll-down shorts with matching off shoulder crop tops. “The last thing my customers want to do is look frumpy on TV,” said Wallner. “Especially when these images can actually be emailed from one user to another.”

“I’m even hearing about couples involved in long-distance romances who are working out together via “connected” Xboxes. You can actually see each other In motion, again wearing workout items you’d never wear to the fitness club. Needless to say, doing a “sexy” workout together certainly shortens the distance between two people,” she added.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Kourtney Kardashian Sports a Yellow Crochet Bikini From

When OK Magazine asked Kourtney Kardashian, photographed for the January Cover Story wearing a yellow crochet bikini from, exactly how she selects the perfect bikini, she responded, “I go for style because I’m all about fashion.”

That comes as no surprise to sought-after celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner, who correctly predicted the comeback of crochet fashions several years ago, and began designing new additions for her collection accordingly.

“The old seventies crochet bikinis looked good on the beach, but when they got wet, all bets were off – not to mention more than a few tops,” said Wallner, founder of “I’m proud to say that we’ve helped bring crochet swimwear dining, dancing and swimming into the 21st century – and women are snapping them up as quickly as I can post new styles and colors on my website.”

Wallner, who divides her time between styling for top Hollywood stars and running, a destination for sexy lingerie, swim and fitness wear, says that women appreciate the endless possibilities that crochet fashions provide.

“They are extremely versatile,” said the Italian born stylist, who also designs many of the fashions for her site. “They can be worn as lingerie, beneath jackets, with jeans, as cover-ups, dresses, skirts, shorts … you name it! As my Hollywood clients and customers are quickly discovering, adding crochet is fantastic way to give any outfit extra personality, texture and flare.”

Hollywood notables from Paris Hilton to Kourtney and Misha Barton – all have been photographed wearing their Musotica crochet fashions at high profile Red Carpet events, for magazine covers or casually strolling down Rodeo Avenue.

According to Wallner, who is often called upon to style cover shots for Playboy and Fitness Magazines, her classically inspired crochet swimsuits come in a huge array of colors, styles – and almost all with strategically flattering cutouts.

“Hand-made, intricate detail and ease of care has made our crochet products more popular than I ever dreamed,” she said. “I actually added them because I couldn’t find what I needed for the stars I was styling.

The crochet collection is made of a cotton, nylon blend, and can be ordered a growing number of colors, including black, white, off white, mustard yellow, yellow, coral, brown, baby blue, baby pink, and purple. “Above all, they are sexy, figure flattering, stylish and just plain fun to wear,” she added.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Musotica's Celebrity Stylist Scores ‘TD’ with New Playboy Magazine Cover

Los Angeles, CA -- Playboy Magazine recently tapped sought-after celebrity stylists and top fitness wear designer Sarah Wallner to showcase the Lingerie Football League (LFL) on its February 2011 cover.

The cover is timed with Super Bowl XLM, when millions of guys instantly switch stations at halftime to view another gridiron spectacle – the pay-per-view Lingerie Bowl, or as Playboy Magazine dubbed it, “The Sexiest Show on Turf.”

The Italian-born stylists said her number one challenge was to outfit three beautiful women in the perfect fabric, fit and color that best represents the sex appeal, confidence and athleticism of LFL players.

“These certainly aren’t powder puff girls,” said Wallner, who is also the founder of, a website featuring classic lingerie with a strong emphasis on distinctive fitness ware. “These are beautiful, extremely competitive women playing a rough, full-contact brand of seven-on-seven football in front of millions… in lingerie!”

For Wallner, who also styled the January 2011 issue of Playboy Magazine featuring Pamela Anderson as “La Dolce Pam,” the assignment made full use of both her celebrity styling talents and artistic flair as a fitness wear designer.

“I began designing sexy fitness wear because I simply couldn’t find the right apparel for many of my magazine cover styling jobs, such as Fitness Magazine,” she said. “If a women works hard to stay fit, I feel they should be rewarded for their efforts with garments that reflect their efforts in a bold, yet feminine way.”

Certainly, the models featured on Playboy Magazine’s “Lingerie Bowl” cover were more than adequately rewarded with Wallner’s styling efforts. She selected black shorts with two racy vertical white stripes (at the hip) from her fitness line, which she calls “Incredibly form fitting, yet entirely functional for any activity.” The models also wore hugging, cropped white tank tops with a football jersey-like quality.

Wallner’s reputation for making magazine cover shots sizzle is reflected in her website, which showcases both her celebrity-styling status and talent for apparel design. It’s a combination that serves women extremely well -- from Hollywood’s “A” list to soccer moms – extremely well.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Celebrity stylist recaptures spirit of "La Dolce Vita" for Playboy Magazine Cover

Los Angeles, CA -- Sought-after celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner recently added Playboy Magazine to her growing list of cover styling credits. Wallner, founder of - a popular on line destination for sexy clothes and accessories - gathered inspiration for the cover both from her Roman roots and the critically acclaimed Federico Fellini 1960 film, "La Dolce Vita".

Featuring Pamela Anderson as "La Dolce Pam," the January 2011 edition of Playboy Magazine is a vibrant "feel good" romp back into cinematic time where "La Dolce," meaning "the sweet life" in Italian, was the order of the day.

"Pamela was perfect for the cover," said Wallner, who has styled magazine covers for a host of major national publications, including Fitness RX, Esquire and Oxygen. "Looking at her, you can almost hear Anouk Aime beckoning her leading man, Marcello Mastroianni, to join her for their famous "splashdown" in the Trevi Fountain on Via Veneto Street."

When she's not celebrity styling on high profile photo shoots such as Playboy, Wallner is working at her second labor of love - running, where the mantra is "Undress for Success." Fashion industry experts agree that the website benefits from her Hollywood styling background.

"What makes so unique is that a gifted Hollywood stylist is personally selecting each and every piece of apparel offered on the site," said one industry insider. "You won't get that anywhere else in our industry, because it's typically corporate merchandisers who make decisions based on hard profits alone."

Wallner says her website - which combines sheer sexiness, attitude with a fitness flair - has become an "on line" destination for women looking for a sexy, fresh alternative to confidently express themselves.

" really taps into my celebrity styling background," said Wallner, who was born in Rome, and raised in an artistic family. "I'm able to offer all women - not just famous Hollywood actors - a truly diverse, yet incredibly flattering and fun array of sexy clothing and accessories."

Friday, December 10, 2010

Playmate Ashley Hobbs On The Beach In a Yellow Sweet Cheeks Glamour Bikini

December playmate Ashley Hobbs was shot on the beach of southern California wearing a vintage retro bikini by Celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner designed the 50’s style bikini. Ms. December loved how the Sweet Cheek bikini enhanced her curves just in time for the holidays.

Musotica is bringing back the days of vintage with its glamour and sweet cheek bikini’s. Not only are celebrities but also the occasional beach goers are snatching up the beautifully designed bikinis. Musotica is bringing back the true American bikini design. The beaches will soon look like a scene from the 50’s, which is good since the pin up bikini never goes out of style.

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Monday, November 22, 2010 Style The New Fitness RX December Cover

Celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner and her clothing company recently provided the fitness magazine Fitness RX with one of their best cover shoots yet. Along with the expert fashion knowledge of Sarah and the designer fitness wear created by Musotica the photo shoot for their December 2010 edition is a success.

Having styled many magazines Sarah chose a mixed and match combination of Musotica’s roll down fitness short and two-tone top as the perfect ensemble for the cover. Along with the cover Ms. Wallner also chose the Musotica two-tone roller derby fitness set with white trim for the inner pages. This selection and creativity help Fitness RX stand out from the other fitness magazines as usual. The December edition of Fitness RX is a perfect addition for the holiday newsstand.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

UFC Ring Girl Arianny Celeste Rocks Musotica on TMZ

The UFC's most recognized ring girl Arianny Celeste was spotted by TMZ strolling the Malibu beaches wearing a highly sought after two piece stripped crochet bikini. After her recent photo shoot also styled by celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner, Arianny wanted to show off her body a little more. The crochet bikini by was just what the fighting beauty was looking for. is producing more photo op worthy bikinis for all of Hollywood's and the sports industries most beautiful celebrities. The crochet bikini is a one of a kind bikini that will show off the best parts off anyone strolling the many Social beaches.
Arianny Celeste loves how the crochet bikinis show off all the right parts of her body that she works so hard at maintaining. And the locals at the Malibu beach weren't complaining a bit. makes it another great weekend for another of the sports industries beauties.

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Arianny Celeste graces the November cover of Playboy in Musotica Wear

Arianny Celeste graces the November cover of Playboy. This is the UFC Octagon Girl's first nude shoot. To accentuate her already beautiful physique, stylist Sarah Wallner paired her in some of Musotica's hottest looks. Sarah pulled several sexy pieces featured in the 5 page spread from the Musotica collection. Additional photos of Arianny in Musotica Wear are online at Playboy's Cyber Club site. All of Arianny's looks and many more can be purchased at

Friday, June 04, 2010

Shauna Sand in a Musotica Crochet Dress the night before joining Dr Drew's Celebrity Rehab

Shauna sand is getting her fix of the nightlife partying into the wee hours of the night in a Musotica Crochet dress, just days before entering Dr. Drew's 'Celebrity Rehab'. TMZ filmed her on June 04, 2010 exciting The Geisha House, a celebrity hot spot in Hollywood, wearing a daring sheer Musotica crochet dress.
Shauna Sand -- the 38-year-old ex-wife of reality retired Lorenzo Lamas -- has signed on to participate in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew's fourth season.

Watch the TMZ video now!

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