Monday, June 12, 2017

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Why One Pieces are the Next Las Vegas Pool Party, Festival and Rave Staples

One pieces make for a girl and guys dream outfit, vivid, versatile and oh so vibrant - not to mention almost effortlessly fashionable.

Keep this in mind and you can imagine what awaits with our latest selection of Las Vegas pool party, beach club, festival and rave inspired one pieces in our new collection.

Bright color and bold print is brought together to make for a winning combination. Think hippy tie-dye, galactic iridescent material, black hologram, mesmerising metallics, electric prints and sumptuous velvet to spice up your next sexy outfit.

Not only have we brought you the greatest and latest one pieces, but also a selection of new rompers, dresses, crop tops and lined high waisted short sets and utterly seductive bikini pieces - the mermaid bikini is our personal favourite.

An outfit as fabulous as this can only be complimented with the right accessories, get your go-go dancing self into gear and team your new outfit with o-ring chokers, leg wraps, chaps or a sheer open banded skirt.

With the 4th of July just around the corner, famed Drai’s beachclub just opening its doors - and rooftop pool - in Las Vegas and Coachella 2018 tickets now on sale, what excuse do you have to not play centre stage in a stunning new outfit?

There is no doubt that you will Impress at your next poolside, party or music festival. Lets face it, you will be utterly spoilt for choice, with our latest collection. Whether you are looking for the brightest one piece of them all, a cheeky bikini or a stand-out romper or dress.

For tips and advice on the perfect outfit to wear to your next event, give us an email on or browse our latest items here, we are here to help and more than happy to do so - now its time to get those party shoes on ladies and gentleman.