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Friday, August 14, 2015

Labor day: Bathing Suit Trend, Flag Flying High Waisted Bottoms

One of the most American Holidays that comes about is Labor Day. Labor Day is a Holiday made in commemoration of the people who made our wonderful country and what better way to honor the work of our forefathers than by an homage to this great nation in a patriotic swim suit.

Celebrity stylist, Sarah Wallner, and CEO of Musotica says,

“Everyone from Cindy Crawford to Kendall Jenner has been seen in an American Flag Bikini. It's definitely a go to choice." 

Pledge allegiance to the flag and for all it stands for with your own style. A slimming and form fitting way to go is with high waisted bottoms. This will eliminate any discomfort of wearing a bikini with a tummy while maintaining the sexy standard that a bikini represents. Paired with a flattering top and done in a metallic pattern, pool wear perfection will be achieved.

You will surely pop at the beach barbeque and it's a blast to wear what you believe in. America.



Thursday, August 13, 2015

Labor Day Weekend: Lake Life Made Sexy

It's Labor Day and that means it's the final glory days of summer. Pack up your jeep and drive down to the lake because the party is happening TODAY. Everyone will be strutting their stuff and you know you've got enough. What's the perfect end of the summer boating outfit? Is it basic bathing suit or is it something more bold?

We've come a long way since the Janet Jackson nip slip of 2004. As a society we've embraced our bodies and it's time to rock the new era of fashion. Why wear a traditional bathing suit? Why not wear bottoms with just pasties on the top? Nothing is sexier more fun and more comfortable that letting the ladies loose.

Celebrity stylist and CEO of Musotica says, “We're starting to see more European trends in beachwear here in the US. Tops are becoming less important and leading the way for new ways to define beachwear.”

  "Tops are becoming less important and leading the way for new ways to define beachwear"


Getting your bikini bottoms is not problem. There's so much personality in the design of a cage strap bikini, sexy side tying thong strap bikini, or a playful jean styled bikini bottom. Paired with some sexy pasties the lake will be a complete and perfect place to kick back on the long weekend. The best part is, you get no tan lines on top!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Splash the Day Away at Drai’s

Splash the Day Away at Drai’s Hollywood Pool Party &!

Hollywood, California – Knit one, purl two, party three! No, you won’t find any knitting or crochet classes going on at Hollywood’s hottest weekly pool party, the Friend's With Benefits Pool Day-Time Event, presented by Susan Blackmon’s The Flawless Life at Drai’s, Thursday, July 28. What you will find high atop the W Hotel is a stunning collection of sexy crochet swimwear on display from, and casually modeled by the high-octane dance group, Purrfect Angelz, just featured on “America’s Got Talent.”

“When you have Paris Hilton, Mischa Barton and Kourtney Kardashian all being photographed wearing your latest crochet fashions, you’re going to get some attention,” said Sarah Wallner, founder of, a sexy fashion, lingerie and fitness wear destination popular with actors, models and the public. “Our mission is to bring crochet swimwear splashing and dancing into the 21st century – and women are placing orders as quickly as I can post new styles and colors on my website.”

Wallner believes that Drai’s Pool Party, which always attracts an impressive gathering of Hollywood’s “A” list to its 20,000 square-foot mega club, is the ideal venue to show just how far crochet swimwear has come over the last couple of years.
“These are definitely not the crochet swimsuits of decades ago,” says Wallner, whose crochet collection was recently featured in Marie Claire Magazine. “Finally, women can wear a crochet bikini, jump into the pool and never worry about exposing more than they bargained for! Our crochet collection is designed for Southern California active lifestyle – from swimming… to dancing… to a day on the town.”

Wallner, one of Hollywood’s top celebrity and magazine cover stylists, whose work appears regularly in Playboy Magazine and Fitness Rx Magazine, says it’s the versatility of crochet swimwear that continually surprises and delights customers.

“They can be worn as lingerie, beneath jackets, with jeans, as cover-ups, dresses, skirts, shorts … you name it! As my Hollywood clients and customers are quickly discovering, adding crochet is fantastic way to give any outfit extra personality, color, texture and flare.

“Our crochet swimwear is made of a cotton, nylon blend, and can be ordered in 15 vibrant colors, including black, white, off white, mustard yellow, yellow, gold, turquoise, coral, brown, baby blue, baby pink, and purple. Above all, they are sexy, figure flattering, stylish and a blast to wear,” she added.

If you’re interested in seeing’s crochet swimwear splashing it up at Drai’s, while Linkexperiencing the most glamorous pool party in Hollywood, featuring Macy Gray performing, a celebrity guest DJ, complimentary make-up and brow shaping, and a chance to network with Hollywood’s entertainment industry, email for more information.