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Friday, June 15, 2018

How to get festival-ready this summer

Everyone loves festival season, it is a time for fantastic music, incredible outfits and memories that will last a lifetime with friends you will never forget.

When getting festival-ready, the key here is to put together a stand out outfit and then to accessorise, accessorise, accessorise - rules need not apply.

Think sultry high cut leg one pieces or crop tops with iridescent, denim look, tie dye print or velvet material bodies as your starting point. These bodysuits and crops will highlight your gorgeous figure and can be complimented with on-trend high cut high-waisted shorts.

 If you are feeling naughty and nautical, embrace mermaid vibes with an iridescent bikini set or two-tone sequin outfit. Save yourself from the evening chill and add further sparkle with a sequin robe.

You can show off your own unique fashion and choose between cool plunge, lace-up, fishnet, velvet back, cutout or strappy styles. Whatever makes you feel fabulous, make it work. Key trends this festival season are long fringes and the color purple.

You can then add a touch of shimmer and accessorise your sexy look with gartered leg wraps, chaps or chokers - just perfect for an EDM or techno extravaganza.

Once ready, finish with comfortable shoes, glitzy shades and an overload of glitter and you will be set to sparkle throughout the day and into night - use Vaseline beneath glitter and then hairspray to ensure that it stays in place.

When it comes to styling your hair think space buns, loose waves or braids. Top with a flower crown or more - yes more - glitter to ensure your locks are picture-perfect.

With all of this in check, you are guaranteed to feel like a festival Queen whether you are at Electric Daisy Carnival, Burning Man or Coachella. You will certainly feel Beychella-esque. Just think, what would Beyoncé do?

Choose your festival outfit as if you are about to head out to the best clubs in Las Vegas - we are all for modelling the style of the likes of JEWEL, Marquee and Omnia.

If you need further help with your festival-ready look, why not contact us for some advice on what will make you look and feel incredible?

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Musotica Releases Nicolita Cuban Inspired Swim Suit Line

As the winter months encroach it's time for a vacation. The Bahamas or the South of Mexico are calling your name and you have to be prepared for the change in weather in attire. So leave behind your goose down coat and unveil your new Cuban inspired swimwear! Musotica has the pleasure of presenting a new line of Vintage Cubano inspired swimwear by Nicoletta. It marries the sexy playful Cuban spirit with a modern style.

Nicolita Line
A large part of a vacation should be spent fully experiencing the sun and soak you can only get in a warmer climate. Having a suitable swim suit is a key part of experiencing a full and fun vacation. Part of Musotica's love of the new Nicolita line is that it is the perfect vacation wear.

With a gripping past, you can't help but love it even more, designer Nicole Di Rocco brought this line to life when she travelled back to her native country of Cuba after nearly 50 years away. The emotional and revealing journey became an Emmy nominated documentary. With the love, passion, and personal story that is behind this line, it's no wonder that it stuns.
Nicolita Line

Sarah Wallner, Musotica's CEO and celebrity stylist says, “Nicolita brings back the polka dot bikini in a totally inventive way. We want our clients to feel as though they are stepping into something that reflects their personality. Nicolita definitely lets a woman be the woman she is.”

Designer Nicole Di Rocco says, “I had grown up looking at [my parents] vintage black and white photos and fell in love with that era and nostalgia in Cuba. As I was researching more about Cuba, I came across some vintage magazines and newspaper clippings that my parents had. The magazines and newspaper clippings had a few fashion and travel advertisements that were so cool. Before I knew it I was hooked on all things Vintage Cuba...”

Nicolita Fashion
If you love polka dot bikini's as much as Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Drew Barrymore you'll love the new Nicolita line. There's no denying a new take of the polka dot bikini with chain details is nothing short of magnificent. Wallner says, “The chain details are to die for. They create an eye catching effect for the suits.”

From cruising on a Princess Cruise to laying on a sandy beach, the new Nicolita line was designed with you in mind.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Labor day: Bathing Suit Trend, Flag Flying High Waisted Bottoms

One of the most American Holidays that comes about is Labor Day. Labor Day is a Holiday made in commemoration of the people who made our wonderful country and what better way to honor the work of our forefathers than by an homage to this great nation in a patriotic swim suit.

Celebrity stylist, Sarah Wallner, and CEO of Musotica says,

“Everyone from Cindy Crawford to Kendall Jenner has been seen in an American Flag Bikini. It's definitely a go to choice." 

Pledge allegiance to the flag and for all it stands for with your own style. A slimming and form fitting way to go is with high waisted bottoms. This will eliminate any discomfort of wearing a bikini with a tummy while maintaining the sexy standard that a bikini represents. Paired with a flattering top and done in a metallic pattern, pool wear perfection will be achieved.

You will surely pop at the beach barbeque and it's a blast to wear what you believe in. America.



Thursday, August 13, 2015

Labor Day Weekend: Lake Life Made Sexy

It's Labor Day and that means it's the final glory days of summer. Pack up your jeep and drive down to the lake because the party is happening TODAY. Everyone will be strutting their stuff and you know you've got enough. What's the perfect end of the summer boating outfit? Is it basic bathing suit or is it something more bold?

We've come a long way since the Janet Jackson nip slip of 2004. As a society we've embraced our bodies and it's time to rock the new era of fashion. Why wear a traditional bathing suit? Why not wear bottoms with just pasties on the top? Nothing is sexier more fun and more comfortable that letting the ladies loose.

Celebrity stylist and CEO of Musotica says, “We're starting to see more European trends in beachwear here in the US. Tops are becoming less important and leading the way for new ways to define beachwear.”

  "Tops are becoming less important and leading the way for new ways to define beachwear"


Getting your bikini bottoms is not problem. There's so much personality in the design of a cage strap bikini, sexy side tying thong strap bikini, or a playful jean styled bikini bottom. Paired with some sexy pasties the lake will be a complete and perfect place to kick back on the long weekend. The best part is, you get no tan lines on top!

                                       Get all of these sexy Bikini Bottoms on our website!