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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Limited by M Infuses Authentic Military Camouflage In Sexy New Fitness Line

Nothing stands for hard work, sacrifice, and the pursuit of physical fitness like our US Armed Forces. Celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner has created an athletic fitness line in honor of these men and women who serve our country. When women are asked what they want in gym apparel they of course mention comfort, functionality, and support. But with fitness facilities becoming a new social stomping ground, women all over the world are also putting a focus on feeling sexy and confident while working out.
Limited by M has merged the world of physical fitness standards upheld by our troops with the confident sexy feel women are asking for in an athletic clothing line. Limited by M has taken authentic military digital camo fabrics and merged them with comfortable supportive athletic wear that is perfect for working out, fitness classes, beach wear, ariel arts, and athletic pole dance training.  The fashion industry is flooded with “Fantasy” camo but Limited by M believes that authentic military fabric is a way to honor the original patterns worn by our troops.

With a fabric that breathes and stretches to fit, the line has a true sense of empowering females to reach their fitness goals and feel confident getting there. With designs ranging from full yoga pants and tops to mini shorts and sports bras, women all over the America and the world will find styling options and dual functionality while wearing Limited by M. Women in our armed forces proudly wear Limited by M as it holds a symbol as to what they have dedicated their service to.
Limited by M is proud to be made in the USA and pay tribute to the men and women who stand up and volunteer to serve our country. Women across this beautiful country and those stationed overseas will stand taller knowing they are wearing a line that is in honor of those who share the importance of physical fitness.

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