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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How to embrace your inner stripper in erotic and exotic lingerie

Let’s face it, the strippers working it in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami and Vegas have it made. They are bold, beautiful, and talented - and rocking some of the best lingerie there is.

It really is not surprising that these girls are the biggest names in the business, and they are in part responsible for throwing some spectacular lingerie pieces into the spotlight.

These gorgeous and empowered ladies are adorned in the best erotic and exotic lingerie, working some of the most popular and famed clubs within the US.

This type of lingerie is making a comeback in the bedroom, within specific sports and even at the poolside. With unique looks seen across social media and taking social applications like Instagram by storm.

Stripper culture has its influence and multi-functional lingerie offers the best of all worlds, having evolved from traditional styles with edgy, seductive and pretty twists. The adult entertainment sector is simply booming.

Think varied materials, bold patterns and new styles, with introductions such as denim, lycra and crochet pieces, all of which offer incredible transitional wear whether it be worn in the bedroom, at a party or even at the poolside.

New styles also embrace this multi-functionality with adjustable straps, ribbon bow ties and working buckles.

Once you throw additions such as cinches, high waisted garter belts, sets with garters, harness lingerie styles or removable pasties into the mix, you will certainly feel ready to work the pole just like the hottest strippers at Ace of Diamonds.

These items simply look fantastic and are inspired by the most popular strip clubs in the US. Worn together, they offer an incredible fit and flattering wear – ensuring a never-ending confidence boost.

Slip into your highest heels and ensure your partner's mind runs wild in lingerie fit for the greatest strip clubs in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Miami and Vegas. Why not try offering a sultry striptease or a lap dance next time you are alone?

If you have any questions about multi-functional lingerie or how to wear it, please contact Musotica here.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Vegas Vacation Must Haves

It's pool season at Vegas soon which means you have to know what you're going to be wearing poolside this season. What will make you stand out this year? It's more than just a bikini that will make you stand out by the refreshing pool, it's a refreshing take on a bikini that will rock your look. Why settle when you can have the best?

 London-based swimwear designer Anna Laub in an article for Allure Magazine said that, “Triangle tops look best on a small bust; if yours is bigger, try something with straps and underwire. It's counter intuitive, but padding is great for large breasts because it provides support. Halter tops work for everyone, as long as there's enough coverage—check from all angles.”

Wonder Woman Bikini

A great way to find every type top for every type of woman is on! The selection is full of unique selections.

Another way to find the best type of bathing suit for you is looking at what your favorite celebrities have been wearing. What better way to dress up than to look at today's style Icons! In a People Magazine article Kendall Jenner was seen wearing our great countries flag as they said, “Show pride in your country with a patriotic suit like Kendall Jenner’s all-American tiny two-piece...”

When you aren't bathing by the pool be sure to be ready for the night life. From floor length dresses to cute club outfits, it's time to express yourself. Vegas is about individual style. Come in with a full look from day by the pool, to night out on the town. The bright lights won't shine as bright as you do.

What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas so get ready for the time of your life!