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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Promo Girls -- The Unsung Marketing Heroines of ‘Corporate America.’

Hollywood, California – Whether it’s a camping convention, car dealership grand opening, or the introduction of a new brew at the hottest sports bar in town – Promo Girls play an important role in building brand awareness, generating “good will” and attracting larger crowds wherever they appear.

Sounds glamorous, but these hard-working young women are considered by many to be the unsung marketing heroines of corporate America. Not only must they put in long hours on their feet, they’re also asked to deal diplomatically with all types, including the seriously obnoxious, and never stop smiling. All of this without the benefit of hair, makeup artists, stylists or wardrobe changes.

According to celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner, the key for both the Promo Girl and the organizations hiring them, is making sure they arrive wearing exactly the perfect outfit that best represents a company’s image and brand.

“I can’t tell you how many times, through no fault of their own, the Promo Girl shows up inappropriately dressed,” said Wallner, who styles for numerous top Hollywood actors, models and when called upon, Promo Girls. “And by that I mean, the clothing either isn’t flattering, the colors clash with the company’s color scheme, or the style simply doesn’t fit the event.”

Wallner, who is also the founder of – a website specializing in sexy fashions and ultra-flattering fitness apparel – believes when it comes to properly outfitting a Promo Girl, nothing should be left to chance.

“For example, the colors should compliment a company’s logo, and depending on the venue, clothing shouldn’t be overtly sexy. And in the case of bear companies, you need to even be aware of possible cleavage and skirt length regulations,” said Wallner, who just completed styling the February issue of Playboy Magazine where cleavage isn’t an issue.

For Wallner, who has earned her reputation making Hollywood’s top stars and models look sensational, she says the same can be done for Promo Girls with just a little advance notice by the hiring company.

“Planning ahead makes all of the difference,” she says. “It’s important to provide designers like myself with not only the Promo Girl’s measurements, but also allow enough lead time to for us to make the ideal choice in terms of style, fabric and fit. “If it’s a two-day convention, make sure you order an extra outfit for the event.”

Despite her busy schedule, Wallner says she always has time to help organizations choose, design or style the perfect outfits for their Promo Girls. “It’s a pleasure to help a corporation properly present its Promo Girls at an event. When done correctly, these women can really help a company create a ‘buzz’ about their new products or services.”