Friday, January 21, 2011

Kourtney Kardashian Sports a Yellow Crochet Bikini From

When OK Magazine asked Kourtney Kardashian, photographed for the January Cover Story wearing a yellow crochet bikini from, exactly how she selects the perfect bikini, she responded, “I go for style because I’m all about fashion.”

That comes as no surprise to sought-after celebrity stylist Sarah Wallner, who correctly predicted the comeback of crochet fashions several years ago, and began designing new additions for her collection accordingly.

“The old seventies crochet bikinis looked good on the beach, but when they got wet, all bets were off – not to mention more than a few tops,” said Wallner, founder of “I’m proud to say that we’ve helped bring crochet swimwear dining, dancing and swimming into the 21st century – and women are snapping them up as quickly as I can post new styles and colors on my website.”

Wallner, who divides her time between styling for top Hollywood stars and running, a destination for sexy lingerie, swim and fitness wear, says that women appreciate the endless possibilities that crochet fashions provide.

“They are extremely versatile,” said the Italian born stylist, who also designs many of the fashions for her site. “They can be worn as lingerie, beneath jackets, with jeans, as cover-ups, dresses, skirts, shorts … you name it! As my Hollywood clients and customers are quickly discovering, adding crochet is fantastic way to give any outfit extra personality, texture and flare.”

Hollywood notables from Paris Hilton to Kourtney and Misha Barton – all have been photographed wearing their Musotica crochet fashions at high profile Red Carpet events, for magazine covers or casually strolling down Rodeo Avenue.

According to Wallner, who is often called upon to style cover shots for Playboy and Fitness Magazines, her classically inspired crochet swimsuits come in a huge array of colors, styles – and almost all with strategically flattering cutouts.

“Hand-made, intricate detail and ease of care has made our crochet products more popular than I ever dreamed,” she said. “I actually added them because I couldn’t find what I needed for the stars I was styling.

The crochet collection is made of a cotton, nylon blend, and can be ordered a growing number of colors, including black, white, off white, mustard yellow, yellow, coral, brown, baby blue, baby pink, and purple. “Above all, they are sexy, figure flattering, stylish and just plain fun to wear,” she added.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Musotica's Celebrity Stylist Scores ‘TD’ with New Playboy Magazine Cover

Los Angeles, CA -- Playboy Magazine recently tapped sought-after celebrity stylists and top fitness wear designer Sarah Wallner to showcase the Lingerie Football League (LFL) on its February 2011 cover.

The cover is timed with Super Bowl XLM, when millions of guys instantly switch stations at halftime to view another gridiron spectacle – the pay-per-view Lingerie Bowl, or as Playboy Magazine dubbed it, “The Sexiest Show on Turf.”

The Italian-born stylists said her number one challenge was to outfit three beautiful women in the perfect fabric, fit and color that best represents the sex appeal, confidence and athleticism of LFL players.

“These certainly aren’t powder puff girls,” said Wallner, who is also the founder of, a website featuring classic lingerie with a strong emphasis on distinctive fitness ware. “These are beautiful, extremely competitive women playing a rough, full-contact brand of seven-on-seven football in front of millions… in lingerie!”

For Wallner, who also styled the January 2011 issue of Playboy Magazine featuring Pamela Anderson as “La Dolce Pam,” the assignment made full use of both her celebrity styling talents and artistic flair as a fitness wear designer.

“I began designing sexy fitness wear because I simply couldn’t find the right apparel for many of my magazine cover styling jobs, such as Fitness Magazine,” she said. “If a women works hard to stay fit, I feel they should be rewarded for their efforts with garments that reflect their efforts in a bold, yet feminine way.”

Certainly, the models featured on Playboy Magazine’s “Lingerie Bowl” cover were more than adequately rewarded with Wallner’s styling efforts. She selected black shorts with two racy vertical white stripes (at the hip) from her fitness line, which she calls “Incredibly form fitting, yet entirely functional for any activity.” The models also wore hugging, cropped white tank tops with a football jersey-like quality.

Wallner’s reputation for making magazine cover shots sizzle is reflected in her website, which showcases both her celebrity-styling status and talent for apparel design. It’s a combination that serves women extremely well -- from Hollywood’s “A” list to soccer moms – extremely well.

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